Questions from a life well-lived.

Now that I am in the last quarter of my current existence – always assuming I reach 100 – I feel able to reflect on what might have been. At high school archaeology really appealed, then the attention was drawn to investigative journalism, and there is a vague regret over never learning to play the piano. Looking at my career one could say I have achieved my goals. The first two choices involved digging into the unknown, which I’ve done and uncovered many secrets, while the computer keyboard replaced that of the piano. So, on the surface, it seems the time has come when I can rest on my laurels. Wrong! I am still digging for answers, and will continue to do so until my last breath. My curren

More news on Makara's Mission

More news on the progress of Makara’s Mission, although the book is firmly within the grip of Mercury’s retrograde motion, the alterations are being done and those who have books with fairies instead of firies driving fire trucks (see page 81) will be pleased to know they own a copy of Makara’s Mission which is a limited edition. That is not to say the nature kingdom hasn’t been well represented in the book, as Petula, John’s wife, is a firm believer in the hidden mysteries of the mineral and angelic kingdoms. Following is an extract from Makara’s Mission where Petula and John make contact with her fairy friends. “John I tell you, they spoke to me.” “I believe you. If there is anyone on this

Endometriosis - a common cause of infertility and unnecessary pain

To my way of thinking, therapists should be educators as well as healers. As a mentor to new students, I therefore suggest the following information be passed on to their patients. During a recent conversation on endometriosis, I mentioned how this condition can be caused by the position of the uterus i.e. a retroversion or a subtle tilting to one side. Because no one has a body with our organs perfectly positioned like those shown in biology books, a misaligned uterus is not uncommon. When this occurs the expulsion of the menstrual lining is slow or difficult, causing a dragging sensation and/or extreme pain, relieved by lying on the stomach or another unusual position. Therefore, any forei

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