The Symbolism behind the images on the cover of Makara’s Mission

The symbology behind the star and the symbols it contains are all relevant to the story. To include the many and varied meanings of each symbol would result in another book so I’ll just keep to the reasons why each one was chosen for Makara’s Mission. First, I will confirm that yes I did create and paint the cover, while my daughter Angela McPherson did the text layout. Words cannot express my gratitude to her and Dennis, my patient husband and the rest of the family for their ongoing support through the whole sometimes exasperating process of publishing the book. The Tree of life - the symbol of the creator; the interconnectedness of the mind, body and spirit with the life and death of all

Media Release - Makara's Mission

New novel explores idea of ascended master returning to Earth to right wrongs of the past Ruth Sharkey announces publication of ‘Makara’s Mission’ WOODBRIDGE, Australia — Contemplating why an ascended master would return to Earth where his teachings were misinterpreted, Ruth Sharkey wrote “Makara’s Mission” (published by Balboa Press) to delve into the challenges such a man would face. Incorporating myths, beliefs and traditions alongside modern political intrigue, religious abuse, medical malpractice and ecological damage to the planet, the book tells the story of how Makara Sharman, an ascended master, returns to Earth to right wrongs of the past, restore the ancient wisdom and continue t

Ruth & Dennis Sharkey

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