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  • Ruth Sharkey

Just One Drop - An Interesting Déjà vu re Makara's Mission


You may or may not be aware but there are currently heavy forces at work to discredit the use of homoeopathy in all forms and at the highest levels. A major new documentary is starting to screen across the country - Just One Drop - to answer the fradulent claims made by specific 'focus groups'.

Having Leisa Goddard and her team to support the Australian Homoeopathic Association is the best thing for the industry, as I said in a comment to Samantha Bullock from the Natural Medicine Alliance Australia (NMAA), it was the media and the support of my patients that helped us to retain some semblance of sanity through our years in practise. It is after all, a simple question of the patient’s right to choose their health practitioner, if they are not being given both sides of the story how can they make the appropriate decision for their needs?

The timing of this debate creates a rather uncanny déjà vu - as two of the main characters in Makara's Mission (Marc - the Shadow Minister for Health in the Federal Parliament, and James, a GP, recently immigrated from the UK where homoeopathy is permitted) have a conversation on exactly this topic...


James replied. “Politics do not interest me. Besides, I still have my British nationality, so I can’t vote. When I am married, I will go for dual citizenship, but I haven’t done anything about it as yet.”

“That’s not what I mean. I need to find out what problems exist in all levels of medicine, from patients receiving benefits, to the practitioners, and on to the pharmaceutical companies.”

“How long have you given yourself to find the answers?” James felt Marc had no comprehension of the enormity of the task.

“Until the next election.”

“I’m not all that familiar with your politics, but isn’t that three years?”


“Good luck! From the little I know, you couldn’t even hear the complaints from one sector in that time, let alone all the associate lobby groups.”

In spite of the negative feedback, Marc persisted. “I also want an equal and fair go for those people who prefer natural medicines.”

“All I can say is you must be either completely naive or extremely ambitious. Either way, you can’t succeed. It’s an impossible dream. Forget it. There are too many powerful people who will make sure you fail.”

“You seem to misunderstand. It is I who will have the ultimate word as minister.”

“Do you also believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus?”

“I am deadly serious.” James’s attitude did not impress, as in an indirect way, he was proposing to help the doctor’s practice.

“So am I. Believe me, so am I. I’m not trying to be smart in saying that better men than you have tried to do this and been stopped, one way or another, and they will stop you too.”

“Who do you see as they, the medical unions?”

“No, your main opposition is the pharmaceutical companies; they pay big money to control the unions, handing out millions by way of indirect funding and gifts to professionals who use their products. Many medicos have been given shares in large corporations to ensure their allegiance. You haven’t a clue who or what you’re taking on. These companies pretty well subsidize the hospitals!”

“Well then, it’s about time someone stood up and did something about it.”

“These are not normal people. This is organized institutional crime, on a massive worldwide scale. I came to live in this beautiful country to escape from it. My advice is not to rock the boat. Do your job to the best of your ability, help the underdog if you have to, but don’t take on the big boys. They will destroy you. What’s more, they take great delight in doing it as an exercise in muscle flexing, to warn anyone else who dares to get out of line. If you persist, you need to understand there will be a high price to pay.”

“We’ll see.”

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