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Media Attention

Ruth Sharkey Going Talkabout seminars

Media coverage of Ruth’s work began with her daughter Brigitte, who organised the promotion and launch of The Mysterious Powers and Man and Plants and later Natural Conception.


After writing regular articles for the nationwide magazines Nature & Health and Healthy Living, Brigitte suggested Ruth write for the Good Life magazine. Her article was seen by a journalist from Channel Nine’s Brisbane Extra, who after years of IVF decided to try Ruth’s methods and became pregnant within 3 months.

During this time Ruth co-hosted two talk-back radio programmes at opposite ends of the Gold Coast - Radio 97 and Logan FM - for 11 and 13 years consequtively, with a legion of loyal followers. She also appeared regularly on ABC Radio Brisbane and other stations nationwide.


This success prompted Brisbane Extra’s first story, which generated the program's largest ever response, and a request for a follow-up.  To test the efficacy of her methods, Ruth requested for 100 couples be taken as a sample from the original response. When 70% of these so-called infertile couples became pregnant after another 3 months, Ruth’s fate was sealed.  


The second story from Brisbane Extra attracted the attention of Today Tonight, A Current Affair, Good Morning Australia with Bert Newton, as well as the wrath of the AMA (Australian Medical Assn), which in turn lead to a revision of Natural Conception to answer their misrepresentations and slander of the herbs.


Due to the continuing success of the clinic these stories have been regularly updated over many years as well as featured on Getaway and by international magazines from Japan and Germany.


For more information about the Australian release of Ruth’s latest book and first novel Makara’s Mission please contact

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