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The Mysterious Powers in Man And Plants was Ruth’s first book. Launched with much pomp and ceremony it was later revised, enlarged and rewritten as Healing the Bodies.


The small booklet Herbs That Will Help came soon after and was also incorporated into Healing the Bodies.


Natural Conception – Mother Nature’s Help for Infertile Couples, and its companion book Fertile Fathers, were written as self-help books when it became clear Ruth would not be able to manage the number of people wanting her personal assistance for conception care.


As a side note, when the books had the opposite effect of increasing demand for her services, Ruth and Dennis created their mail-order service. At the time, sad to say this ground-breaking service to patients created such animosity with their peers that their associations cancelled their membership.  For those seeking assistance via mail order please see the Conception Care page for more information.


Rebels With A Cause was written to help parents and teachers understand how and why some of their children were more difficult than others.


Safe Nourishment – A Guide to Additives, Allergies, Calories and Nutrition, while now out of print will soon be released as an e-book. 


Ruth Sharkey’s Guide to Natural Conception was revised after her retirement to help patients and herbal students understand her methods, especially when it became clear that clinic she and Dennis sold in 2004 was not being operated as they thought it was going to be.


Good news for those awating the release of Ruth's latest book, Marakra's Mission is now available in e-book, hard / paperback.  This book is a fictional novel, losely based on events Ruth and Dennis experienced, and laced with humour, mythology, as well as philosophical and spiritual concepts. 


Makara’s Mission is above all an exposé of the origin of basic Christian beliefs; the hidden agenda of all political parties; the interference in modern medical practice by large pharmaceutical companies and the suffering of the innocents from the above.

Wholesale enquiries welcome.


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