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  • Ruth Sharkey

Endometriosis - a common cause of infertility and unnecessary pain

To my way of thinking, therapists should be educators as well as healers. As a mentor to new students, I therefore suggest the following information be passed on to their patients.

During a recent conversation on endometriosis, I mentioned how this condition can be caused by the position of the uterus i.e. a retroversion or a subtle tilting to one side. Because no one has a body with our organs perfectly positioned like those shown in biology books, a misaligned uterus is not uncommon.

When this occurs the expulsion of the menstrual lining is slow or difficult, causing a dragging sensation and/or extreme pain, relieved by lying on the stomach or another unusual position.

Therefore, any foreign body blocking the natural release of the endometrium i.e. internal sanitary products, will aggravate the situation. If the vagina is blocked the blood seeps out through the tubes into the endometrium cavity, where it continues to grow each month as the hormones are produced to line the uterus.

Everyone is different and depending on our diet, hormone production and lifestyle, the PH secretions of vagina will change from day to day. An acid environment can be a contributory factor in another condition, known as toxic shock syndrome; producing a sudden high fever, headache, skin rash and other symptoms of shock relating from a toxic overload.

Patients should therefore be advised to keep all internal products for ‘light flow’ days, or not use them at all. It is important to note internal sanitary products not only soak up fluids, they can also release chemicals into the fragile tissue of the vagina wall causing cervical inflammation and tissue damage.

More information about endometriosis, its effect on conception difficulties and the herbs I would recommend to assist can be found in my books ‘Healing The Bodies', ‘Natural Conception’ and ‘The Guide to Natural Conception’.

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