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Healing the Bodies is an informative, practical guide blending ancient methods of healing with modern natural medicine, in particular for hormonal balancing. Written after 7 years research into the endocrine system and the herbs used to help these glands and a life-time’s study of the many aspects of health and well-being on the whole body, Ruth explains how illnesses can have a profound effect on the mental, as well as the physical body, creating emotional imbalances which can lead to further physical problems.

“Pre-menstrual tension, for instance, is a physical imbalance of the female hormones yet it can affect a woman’s emotional aspect. This hormonal disorder can cause digestive upsets, fluid retention, food craving, bloating and weight gain – all physical manifestations which can and do often cause emotional distress. Doesn’t it stand to reason that an imbalance of other hormone-producing glands can cause other illnesses?”

Healing The Bodies

  • Ruth says: “In preparing this new volume, I have drawn heavily on my work in that first book, but the information has been significantly updated, expanded, reworked and improved. The result, I hope, is an easy-to-read, informative text which will go some way towards fulfilling one of my goals - a healthier planet with healthier and happier inhabitants who are less reliant on synthetic chemicals and drugs and more in tune with the environment and the different aspects of their being - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.”


    Written as a self-help book but perfect for the student or practitioner alike, Healing the Bodies explains how the hormone producing glands of the body - the pituitary, pineal, thyroid, thymus, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, adrenal and the male and female reproductive glands - work and the problems that can arise when these glands are not functioning properly. Listing the uses (including the active constituents) of over 90 herbs, with original illustrations of each herb, Healing the Bodies also includes diets, exercises, and meditation techniques, plus information on other natural therapies such as colour healing, hypnotherapy, regression and psychic self-help.


    Healing the Bodies explains Ruth and Dennis’ approach to healing, as it is through using the herbs to help balance these glands that they have achieved their phenomenal successes over the past 20 years.


    Healing the Bodies was in the Queensland Top Ten Best Sellers list for six months after it’s release.

  • Books and/or inspirational gifts bought in error may be returned in original condition and packaging within 10 days for full refund.

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