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Ruth Sharkey - Christopher Wakley award

Ruth is honoured for her service to the Australian and International herbal medicine industry. 

Ruth Sharley & Angela McPherson w Christ

Ruth and her 3rd-generation herbalist daughter Angela Sharkey-McPherson with the Christopher Hedley Memorial Award certificate. 

Ruth and Dennis Sharkey are names synonymous with successful natural fertility treatment.

After graduating together in 1984, Ruth and Dennis started to grow, dry and package herbs, and produce liquid medicines for their patients, all the time adding to their knowledge through their continued studies.


As demand for their services grew they relocated their clinic several times.

To reach more people and pass on the knowledge she’d gained, Ruth wrote articles for Nature & Health, Living Up and other popular Health/Lifestyle magazines. At the same time she produced three self-help booklets and six larger books – two of the latter were listed as best sellers for many months.

As word spread of their success with infertility, Ruth was repeatedly invited to appear on Good Morning Australia, Brisbane Extra, Today Tonight, A Current affair and to speak about her work in Canada, USA and New Zealand.


During their twenty years in practice, the couple cared for over 20,000 patients across 35 countries with all manner of ailments and afflictions. Yet Ruth still found time to co-host a weekly radio talk-back programme and regularly appear as a guest on two others.


The couple retired from clinic work in 2004 but they are still actively involved in helping people learn and utilize the wonderful healing powers of natural medicine through seminars, new practitioner mentorship and their online herbal classes.

Praise for Makara's Mission


Dear Ruth,

Firstly, I must congratulate you on your wonderful novel Makara’s Mission, and thank you for giving me the pleasure of reading it.

The research and detail to all truths shows in the dedication you have put into Makara’s Mission. A wonderful story waiting to be told.

This books just draws you in to a family blessed. The ups and downs, a tale of love, forgiveness and redemption. The everyday living in all walks of life, Makara’s Mission leaves you thinking about the characters long after the final page.

A MUST READ - I enjoyed it so much, bring the second one on!

L. McLean, Auckland NZ

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