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  • Angela Sharkey-McPherson

Questions from a life well-lived.

Now that I am in the last quarter of my current existence – always assuming I reach 100 – I feel able to reflect on what might have been.

At high school archaeology really appealed, then the attention was drawn to investigative journalism, and there is a vague regret over never learning to play the piano.

Looking at my career one could say I have achieved my goals. The first two choices involved digging into the unknown, which I’ve done and uncovered many secrets, while the computer keyboard replaced that of the piano. So, on the surface, it seems the time has come when I can rest on my laurels.

Wrong! I am still digging for answers, and will continue to do so until my last breath.

My current questions are:

· How much in basic dollars and cents has been collected for cancer research?

· Do the pharmaceutical companies pay tax on that income and other public donations?

· Why is the money only being used to fund research into more drugs?

· Why hasn’t someone looked at the cause?

· Why has there been a sudden increase in so-called rare cancers?

· Why were there no autistic or children with ‘special needs’ around when my generation were at school?

· Why aren’t the parents of these children demanding ‘research’ into the cause?

· How can our current government demand an end to bullying, yet blatantly bully vulnerable young parents into vaccinating their children with questionable drugs?

· How can the health department get away with spending vast sums of money on so-called-news-items that are clearly advertorials for pharmaceutical companies and medical associations?

Last but by no means least...

· Why don’t we, the public, who pay government wages, ask the Minister for Health to divulge any interest he/she and their cronies have in pharmaceutical companies they promote?

Getting answers to that lot should keep me busy for the next 24 years. Should I be allowed to live that long!

Meanwhile I have enough information to begin the sequel to Makara’s Mission.

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