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  • Ruth Sharkey

The Symbolism behind the images on the cover of Makara’s Mission

The symbology behind the star and the symbols it contains are all relevant to the story. To include the many and varied meanings of each symbol would result in another book so I’ll just keep

to the reasons why each one was chosen for Makara’s Mission.

First, I will confirm that yes I did create and paint the cover, while my daughter Angela McPherson did the text layout. Words cannot express my gratitude to her and Dennis, my patient husband and the rest of the family for their ongoing support through the whole sometimes exasperating process of publishing the book.

The Tree of life - the symbol of the creator; the interconnectedness of the mind, body and spirit with the life and death of all creation on our planet. Represented by the purple Jacaranda; the colour of spiritual awareness, physical and mental health. This beautiful tree is prominent in the Currumbin valley where the story evolves. The Tree of life evolved into the Caduceus, depicted as a tree with two snakes coiled around the base of the trunk. Symbolising the connection between life and the underworld consciousness.

The Caduceus, has two opposing interpretations in Makara’s Mission. The first incorporates the Chinese Yin/Yang symbol, the serpents are the two forces in the universe moving up the rod from the lowest to the highest suggesting the rod is the spinal column. Where they cross, the staff marks the chakras. Yin passive, feminine, Yang, active, masculine, mutually dependent, one cannot exist without the other, they continually evolve together within the circle of life that contains them. The Yin/Yang symbol depicted here in red and yellow; red brings fire, good fortune, happiness and joy, while yellow is the centre of everything; stability, nourishment and freedom from worldly cares.

The Caduceus has long associations with the Greek God Hermes hence its name The Staff of Hermes, messenger of the Gods. There is a long tradition of connection between Hermes and the pharmaceutical industry, which I found quite ironical as Hermes was the patron saint of commerce and traders as well as thieves and liars. In this book, this Caduceus is the appropriate symbol for modern commercial medicine.

The Christian fish symbol is placed within the star as the name Makara means ‘he who has the right to bear the fish on his banner,’ suggesting that maybe the ascendant master is Jesus.

The Heptagram or Seven Pointed Star that enfolds these symbols is deliberately placed to create an M at the top to represent Mary Magdalene. The star was used by the Christians to represent the seven days of creation and as a symbol to ward off evil. To the Cherokee Indians the star represents the seven clans, and the seven gifts of spirit, wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge, fear of the lord and delight in the lord. The star also represents the seven directions from which magic comes; East, West, North, South, Above, Below and Within. The seven Chakras, the seven colours of the rainbow as well as the sphere of Venus and the power of Love. Prominent on the Australian flag it is known as the commonwealth star.

Makara’s Mission blends the essence of all the above weaving them into a beautiful story.

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