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  • Ruth Sharkey

Re: The Protect Your Future in Natural Health Care meeting in Melbourne on 15th July 2017

To those who put in so much energy into the meetings around the country - on behalf of the industry as a whole, Dennis and I want to say a hearty well done!

To us it was a bit of a deja vu as we were part of an earlier group who stepped up for the consumer’s right to freedom of choice of a health care practitioner. I must admit, when I saw so many at the meeting, and found that they have some idea of what the industry is facing, I thought I may be preaching to the converted.

Looking back on the many years we spent fighting the repetitious hassles from local, state and federal government, the AMA, and our own associations, who believed 2 dissatisfied patients, over the 20,000 satisfied ones, we can say we put up a good fight.

It is sad to see the battle continues, and yes, it is with the same groups but today’s fight is worse - as those opposed to freedom of choice are now backed by multinational pharmaceutical companies, and other more devious groups - who stop at nothing to obtain their goals.

So why am I coming out of my retirement to again fight for the rights of the industry that gave us such a hard time? I guess it is because I won’t sit back and watch as my children are being bullied out of their right to be natural therapists. We must stand up for our traditions - the old ways.

Some say we must move with the times, and I ask what times, in what direction? The way of big business – that means no values, no morals, where what you say means more than what you do… Does historical proof mean nothing? Science cannot replace intuition which is the basis to the art of healing.

To those who are sitting on the fence I ask: What made you want to be a natural healer? Was it seeing the scientific analysis of a plant? Did you admire someone in the industry? Were you healed by a natural therapist? Or is it an inner drive to help your fellow human being? It certainly wasn’t for financial gain!

The ultimate question is when is enough, enough? When will the David’s of the world retaliate, or will they just keep ignoring the problem hoping expecting some other person to fight for them.

For some reason, we suddenly find all healing must be ‘scientifically based’. The new religion is science, instead of white robes the high priests wear white smocks and the monks wear Italian suits. Those who stand up to them, are still bullied and face an inquisition before annihilation.

The bottom line is freedom of choice, why can’t we all work together and be allowed to operate within our own modality. We each have our own speciality and should respect the other’s knowledge. A doctor doing a weekend course in acupuncture, does not automatically become an acupuncturist, nor does one suggesting Vitex agnus castus for PMS become a herbalist.

Traditional healers treat the person not the disease, using plants and other philosophies that have been traditionally proven safe for thousands of years. These methods work to prevent the onset of disease, effectively treating the person, not the disease. Our mission as natural healers is to unite and nurture the safety of all natural medicine practitioners. The fact that homoeopathic medicine has already been so scurrilously attacked is proof the powers that be are already starting to pick off the individual modalities.

To find out more about you can help with the fight to maintain your right to freedom of choice visit and

My new book Makara’s Mission feels like art pre-empting life, as it includes a general practitioner who wants to use is homoeopathic remedies in his clinic, another character who is out to expose the corruption in politics, as well as the lengths the pharmaceutical companies will go to destroy the natural healing industry. The book exposes the political intrigue, industrial espionage and bullying on all levels. Exactly as was shown in the recent 4 Corners and the 7:30 tv programmes.

It is difficult to place the book into a specific category as it depicts the many diverse aspects of modern life. To explain the overall theme, I would say it is a book for our times, a story of how things never change, our world is caught in an ongoing struggle between light and dark forces. Makara’s Mission is to try and right the wrongs of the past and try again to show how a positive attitude and that love can overcome evil intent.

There are about 8 major characters in the book, all easy to relate to: a normal family, with the usual family differences. What affects one, cannot help but cause a ripple effect on the others. Depending on the intensity of the wave it can quickly turn into a tsunami.

Other subjects woven into the story come from all corners of the globe, and include ancient myths from Egypt and America, biblical events, theosophy, Free-Masonry, herbalism, homoeopathy, alternative philosophies, fairy folklore and the beauty of our Australian wildlife. There are also strategic references to Australia’s participation in the Vietnam War and life-after-death experiences. In short something for everyone, wrapped in a love story that has survived for over two thousand years.

I hope you enjoy!

Cost: Ebook $5.95 Hardback $48.95 Soft cover $39.95

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